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Product description

This is a safe, protected and well made electronic power adapter. Its features are: strong anti-interference ability; Low ripple output; Lightning protection level is higher; Circuit board with SMT chips provides more stable performance and its appearance is neat and easy. It also has protections such as short-circuit protection, overload peortection and overvoltage protection. No matter what causes output pressure, circuit will automatically cut its output and therefore protect the appliances from any damage. It is made by fire retardant plastic, AC copper feet, pure copper DC lines, reasonable price.

Product specification
input voltage: AC75V~275V  frequency:47-63 Hz  capacity:24W
output voltage: DC12V  
output current: 2.2A(Max) 
working current: 1.6A
load regulation: ≤0.2%
noise peak of output voltage: ≤200mV
power supply changeover rate: ≥75%
operating temperature range: -10℃ — +45℃
ambient temperature: -25℃ — +95℃
relative humidity: ≤90%
temperature drift 2mV/℃
start time: very short,< 0.3S
open circuit loss: very few, green power adapter
DC connection size external diameter 5.5mm, internal diameter 2.1mm
shell size 77×50×33mm 
This product passed full load high temperature aging test and insulation testing voltage of 3 KV

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